Angel Gel

Introducing Angel gel™ this fast and efficient healing gel is a must no matter what age, and should always be a First in your Natural first aid kits. Easily absorbed Angel Gel™ will instantly help to soothe and cool burns, Heat Rash & irritations, quickly & effectively reducing swelling from bumps & inflammations while Angel Gels™ antibacterial & antiseptic properties will not only help to heal cuts and grazes but will also prevent bacteria entering the wound stopping any further  infection.


Angel Gel™ comes in 3 handy sizes so that no matter where you are your fast acting healing gel is always to hand. As none of us know when you are going to need it the Powerful Pocket sized Angel gel™ comes to the rescue in all situations with its Natural analgesic (painkilling) action starting to work immediately on insect bites and plant stings allowing you to carry on your day without pain or irritation.

Handy holiday size to take with you whether you are away for a relaxing holiday in the sun where Angel Gel™ can be used as an after sun or if you are unfortunate to help heal and repair sun burnt skin or to relieve you from the incessant itching of prickly heat, if skiing or extreme sport holidays is more your bag then Angel gel™ can be ever on hand to help heal bumps and bruises dispersing trapped blood from the site of injury quickening the healing time.

Heavenly home sized Angel Gel™ that is on hand anytime to help solve your everyday skincare problems naturally.


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