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Heaven Sent Cream

Soothing, cooling and softening to the skin this cream is excellant to help ease symptoms of Eczema and Dermatitis, as well as anyone who's skin is irritated and inflamed. easing the redness from the skin and removing the need to scrtch while leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

50ml     £15.00

150ml    £28.00

250ml    £34.50

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For a natural fast and effective way to help with common problems such as Headache's, Cold's, Chills and Blocked Sinuses this invaluable pocket sized rescue stick will cleanse and decongest the head and sinuses making it easier to breathe, thus preventing the onset of runny noses, sneezing and fevers. The magical blend of peppermint and lavender act as natural pain relief for head ache sufferer as they calm and sedate sensory nerve endings within the head and mind. Making this nurturing natural remedy a must have.

17ml      £8.95

Buzz Off

Powerful and effective this midge and mosquito spray is a must for all travellers no matter what age, this natural repellant will prevent from the constant annoyance and biting of these pests, There are absolutely no chemicals within Buzz Off making it perfect for those little explorers.

50ml    £8.50