Nicci Hill, Edinburgh

I bought some of your Angel gel for a friend of mine who had been suffering awfully from Hives - a side effect of his cancer. Within 2 days the itching had subsided and had made his life just a bit more bearable.........100% recommend this product! Thank you so much


Adrianne Duffy, Edinburgh

I was introduced to Angel Gel in my early teenage years as my skin was super sensitive with outbreaks on my face and back; it was magic in a bottle as it soothed and calmed my skin while clearing up my spots quickly. Now 10 years on I am never without Angel Gel by my side (big size for home and travel size for out and about) not for outbreaks but as a mother of 2 I love how it works just as quickly on all the little cuts, grazes, bruises and bumps a normal toddler gets. Thank you Kirstine for introducing me to your healing gel


Georgina Shaw, Edinburgh 

Hi my name is Ena and I always have an Angel Gel to hand but lately I have found even more reasons to love this healing gel. While out in Dubai I tripped and fell my daughter was buying the coffee and her friend saw me fall the girl in coffee shop also saw me fall and she rushed out with ice my daughter brought my coffee and said mum don’t worry I have my Angel Gel in my bag what a godsend my problem was solved it just proved to me that everyone should carry Angel Gel in their bag you never know when you may need it. Pleased to say by using my Angel Gel my bruises healed up quickly when I got home I went into chemist to pick up my prescription( of Steroid nose drops)  when the pharmacist said to me you should not be using them every day I was angry as I was never told that and the instructions never explained this,  I was so worried as taking steroids thins the skin so I have been using Angel Gel and what a difference it has made to my nose Thank you Angel Gel.



Marianne Dale, Livingston

 I am a mother of 3 young children (10,7 & 5) and I just wouldn’t be without Angel Gel. One night about 6 years ago we were out and our babysitter had put a freshly made cup of tea on the floor and my 3 year old at the time who should have been in her bed came downstairs and knocked it over. It spilled all over her foot giving her a nasty burn. We treated the burn with Angel Gel and it healed really quickly with no scarring. We use it for every burn, bruise, cut or bump. I love how it is made with natural products and handmade in our very own capital Edinburgh.


Nicola Bradley, Livingston 

My family love using Angel Gel because it works!!!!! No harsh chemicals so safe to use on small children and sensitive skin, we use it for all insect bites, bruises, cuts and grazes it’s our one stop first aid bottle Angel Gel works and kids love it!!!

Everything always feels better after some Angel Gel!! We take our bottle of Angel Gel everywhere with us would recommend Angel Gel to everyone!!! All my family love it as it works and soothes all pain away and smells amazing too!!!


Jamie Clawson, Edinburgh 

I am a mother of a very boisterous little 2 year old and i highly recommend Angel Gel for all medical boxes. We carry a bottle in the car and one at home. We call it magic cream and use it for CUTS, GRAZES, BURNS; soothes and most certainly heals them faster than any other product like germolene, savlon etc. It also takes the stinginess and irritation away instantly

I personally also use Angel Gel for every BUMP and BRUISE as it reduces bumps very quickly and in my opinion is that it reduces bruising by over half the colour they would normally appear to be. We just love Angel Gel and believe everyone should be aware of this amazing product.

Kerry Forrest,  Bathgate      

Love this product definitely an angel helps heal, soothes and smells great. Whether you burn yourself or bump you're head it's natural healing agents really work. I use this product at work after waxing and get great results every time as it soothes the skin. Many of my clients have used it on cold sores and helps reduce the swelling and stops the itch. Also great on midge bites great to take where ever you go. Comes in lip salve size so no excuses have having no room to carry around. Could go on talking about it as love it but best try for yourselves and see the great results x 

Gregg Lamb, London

Just to thank you for the Angel Gel. It's a fantastic product, used regularly on my children for all sorts. Burns, scratches, and skin related problems. Angelic gel is what it is, just wonderful stuff, and a beautifully arranged product that you just cannot buy on the open market. I will be purchasing many more bottles in future! If anyone is doubtful, don't think twice, this product is the bees knees, you won't find a better healing gel than Angel Gel!

Janet Potter,  Edinburgh

I am a 51 year old woman living with primary progressive MS. A few years ago, I decided to try alternative therapies such as reiki and reflexology to see if they might help my condition. Both have been very beneficial. The reiki relaxes my muscles and gives me more energy and the reflexology stimulates various parts of my body.

My therapist Kirstine Henderson has also introduced me to the benefits of Angel Gel which nourishes my skin - an important consideration as I am in a wheelchair for most of the day.

I would highly recommend any or all of the above treatments & products to anybody wishing to improve the quality of their lives.


Shirley Ross, Edinburgh

I highly recommend this gel, amazing does exactly what it says, would be lost without it, stops bruise's coming up, heals burns faster, kids love it, they think it’s magic, not overly priced which is fantastic. It should be in all mother first aid boxes!!!


Graham Burrell,  Edinburgh

Angel gel is quite simply magic. Looking after 2 young children it is a must to have around the house, but even more important are the small 5ml bottles on any outings where scrapes, bruises and grazes are an almost certainty. Never leave the house without it!


Sarah Guilar,  Edinburgh

I recently took a very bad reaction to some facial threading that I had done. After 2 days of trying many other products I tried Angel Gel. It soothed almost instantly and within 24 hours there was significant improvement to the irritation and redness. It was all clear 4 days later. I am so glad my friend suggested trying Angel Gel, I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Saffron Smedley, Edinburgh

I used it on a really bad burn on my arm. Healed it up so well. it was amazing

Mia McEwing, Edinburgh 

I was walking home a few months ago and got attacked, I got a few bad injuries (cuts, bruises & swelling) so my mum put angel gel on me I found it a very fast acting pain relief and healed up quickly after using it every day, I would recommend angel gel for everyone

Mary Cook, Edinburgh

Angel gel is a brilliant product. It soothes and heals scrapes, bumps, itchy patches, burns and insect bites. It has a clean, fresh smell and a light texture. Just a drop or two is all that is needed.

Julia Marques, São Paulo   

Highly recommend using Angel Gel, especially for bumps and burns. We always have it close at hand, my daughters are accident prone so it has been a God sent for us.

Christine Ibrahim, Edinburgh 

This product is amazing I use it for bites an cuts but have recently had major surgery an been left with an ugly scar on my leg it's not so ugly now as applying angel gel twice a day and the difference in the 4 weeks I've been specifically using it is incredible would highly recommend this product.

Jade Amanda Lamb, Hatfield

Fantastic helps with everything literally. Will definitely buy again xx

Sonia Cheng, Aberdeen

Fantastic stuff! I keep a little bottle in my handbag at all times.
Such diverse gel where a little goes a long way! Highly recommended!!!

Lisa Forrest, Edinburgh

Angel gel is never far from me, oven burns sun burn bruises skin conditions I put it on everything and it works a dream, absolutely love this product and would highly recommend pillow spay too X

Lucy Addams, Edinburgh

I love this product !!! I'm my bag at all times for the kids and I for any bumps or blemishes. Highly recommended !!! Xxx

Carol Shaw, JBR Dubai 

My friends’ mother had fallen while on holiday visiting her daughter here in Dubai and it was not healing. So on a catch up with them both I gave them my Angel Gel that I always keep handy, my friends mother was so impressed with its healing ability that she asked to take the bottle back to Ireland with her which was not a problem as I always have more than one bottle and my mum brings me more over whenever she visits from Scotland.